r Sietta - The Invisible River

The Invisible River

Sietta blossom with their second album, The Invisible River. Their lush breeze of electronic soul now stands alone, as real and as warm as the tropical fruit growing in the maddening Darwin heat. There’s a maturity in their songwriting enriching Sietta’s dynamic, ranging from parading horn arrangements to understated strings and stripped down bass and drums. In-demand producer James Mangohig delivers a sparse and dynamic sound-bed giving Caiti Baker’s vocals space to craft a narrative of inner strength and resilience. Her vocal range is cleverly utilised to walk with the instrumentation, as the tension tightens or eases, builds to a crescendo or falls away. Album opener ‘Let It Go’ sets the tone beautifully, a gentle whisper that dreams in an unhurried sway, before detonating into a soaring chorus. From here there’s a connectivity in the drift between genres, their adoration of the ‘90s is on full show with the R&B of ‘Greener’ through to the cinematic sounds of ‘The Hunted’; while songs like ‘Carry’ and ‘Such Desire’ retain an edgy pop aesthetic. This is an album to explore with Sietta’s impassioned curiosity driving the melodic diversity across the 11 songs.

The Invisible River CD


"I've always loved what Sietta do, a perfect melt of stunning vocals and world class production. Bring on the Top End bass."
- Zan Rowe, triple j ('Albums to get excited about in the first half of 2014')

“‘Let It Go’ is a primal hulking mass that feels natural and gloriously primordial. Caiti Baker’s voice is given an empty cavernous space to delicately fill before lightning percussion reigns, allowing the hook of ‘Let It Go’ to storm into the forefront and break its banks, forcing the listener to become utterly submerged”
- Planet Notion (UK)

“Keep this pair on your radar, they’re teetering on the brink of blowing up”
- Pigeons & Planes (USA)

“From the roaring soul of Caiti Baker’s vocals to the all-encompassing visceral instrumentation of James Mangohig, don’t be surprised if you envision yourself on a mountain cliff looking out over a vast valley whilst this song explodes into your subconscious”
– Hillydilly (CA)